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The Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) – Everything you need to know

The Aurora Borealis – Everything you need to know What causes the Aurora Borealis? What triggers high intensity Auroras? What’s the best time of the year to see the Aurora Borealis? Where are the best places to see the Northern Lights? My top 5 Places to see the Northern Lights Can the Northern Lights be… Read More The Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) – Everything you need to know

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After a day in Milford sound, we headed east to Dunedin for a couple of days. Highlight was the beach horse trek we took. It had been a good 12 months since I’d ridden a horse, and for Sab it was her first time 🙂 Views were amazing and the ride was great.

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Milford Sound

After driving down from Queenstown to Te Anau, we drove 2 hours into Milford Sound, and then took a cruise into the sound 🙂 Was a nice day until we got into the sound where it started getting cloudy. The drive into the park was alot more picturesque than the cruise itself.

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Fox Glacier

From Abel Tasman we made our way south towards Fox Glacier, which is a town just past Franz Josef. It literally is just a small tourist town with a population of about 300 and more hotels than you could shake a stick at. Still, as has become the norm here, the scenery was just stunning,… Read More Fox Glacier

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San Francisco

After a few uneventful days in Lake Tahoe (its the sort of place thats probably really pretty in the winter, but looked a bit dreary in miserable autumn weather), we headed down to San Francisco. The drive over the Bay and Golden Gate bridges were obviously a highlight. As was the afternoon we spent at… Read More San Francisco

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Grand Canyon

A few pics of our day out at the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is as spectacular as everyone says..your eye literally can’t see the end of it. We weren’t too lucky with the weather, but we still managed to get some nice pics.

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San Diego

After a short break in NYC, we made our way to San Diego for the start of the great California road trip :). The first thing to note is that it’s BLOODY hot here (those of you in rainy, cold climates are probably cursing us now for moaning about it). For some reason we didn’t… Read More San Diego