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Yosemite National Park

After a few days battling the crowds in Vegas, we were looking forward to the tranquility and open space in Yosemite. Well, that and the fact that this had been earmarked as the ‘luxury’ stay of the trip. By that i mean we planned on staying somewhere that didnt require the nightly roach inspection before going to bed :). We actually went all ‘mothernaturely’ and booked a really nice log cabin in the woods for our stay (pics below). It really was brochure pretty..we even had our own resident squirrels chasing each other on the trees outside.

The park itself really was as impressive as we expected. As soon as we drove in it was all lakes, forests and animals running around in the wild. We even managed to get quite close to a small wolf that was wandering the forest around where we’d set up our cameras :). The one thing we werent expecting though was the sheer size of it. It took us 3hrs to drive from the North entrance to the South entrance where our accomodation was…MASSIVE is the word.

The one very entertaining highlight was the snow storm that randomly came upon us on the way out of the mountain range to Lake Tahoe. It had been relatively chilly there, but also pretty clear, so off we confidently went in our summer gear. Imagine our horror when it suddenly dropped to below freezing temperatures and we had to stop to refuel. The open toed shoes really say it all :):). As hilarious as Nat found it all, i should mention that she was sitting in the car in a mini skirt and flip flops!. Needless to say, we got some very bemused looks.

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