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Toronto – New York

What was supposed to be very boring drive back to New York ended up providing a whole load of unnecessary drama.As we were heading down the highway from Buffalo, we were pulled over by the State Police.We initially thought we would just get a fine and possibly a warning so imagine our surprise when the Officer actually told Nats, and i quote, “you’re going to jail today, you’re under arrest for speeding “(before both sets of parents freak out, we were only going about 10mph over the limit!)”. For a moment we thought (more like hoped) he might be joking despite the fact he looked like a miserable sod and had a face like a slapped arse.He was not. We were told to wait in the car where we proceeded to shit our pants, count the money we had on us for bail and prepare the opening statement for our inevitable stint on Judge Judy.By a stroke of absolute bullshit luck, he told us the judge wasn’t available to sign our arrest warrants :) gave us a citiation and told us to go on our merry way :)

Everyone planning a trip to America take note. If you’re a serial killer or ass rapist you will likely happily walk around the States until the end of time unnoticed by all law enforcement. If however, you decide to go over the ridiculous snail-paced speed limit by 10mph, you will be unceremoniously thrown in jail by a big meanie in an extraordinarily silly hat. For that we say a big MEH to the NY State Police!.

On a completely random note, on the road back from New Jersey we came across an exit leading to the town of ‘Buttzville’. Three questions spring to mind – a) Is the person who named it taking the piss? B) who on earth would invest in real estate there? And c) are we to refer to the unfortunate inhabitants as ‘Buttzvillers’? . Things to ponder.

Anyway, back to NY we go for a 4 day break before our flight to San Diego on Wednesday.

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  1. hey girls, hows it going ? looking forward to your latest update, so too is Uncle Phil who is following you on your travels…Mmwwaaahhh take care, love to you both xxx

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