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Joshua Tree National Park

After a few pretty slow days in Los Angeles (we don’t really recommend it unless you’re the sort of sad bastard who gets their kicks from standing on street corners hoping to catch a glimpse of Paris Hilton) we headed off to Yucca Valley for our visit to Joshua Tree National Park.

As soon as we left the city and started getting near the town of Joshua, the landscape changed dramatically. It really felt like we’d been transported back into the Wild West. Walking around the town itself was hilarious. The people appeared nice enough but they seemed to have been plucked straight out of the Jerry Springer show. The place was wall to wall pick-up trucks and women sporting the sort of mega mullets that should have been outlawed at the end of the 80’s :).

The Park itself was extremely interesting and picturesque, especially at sunset. A word or warning to anyone considering a visit though…make sure your sunblock is SPF ‘the fires of hell’. For those of you who think you have experienced extreme heat in the Mediterranean, think again. You won’t have felt heat as God truly intended it until you’ve spent a day in the desert. Even our travel buddy Willeh Mcshmock changed from his trademark hoodie and kilt into the much cooler pink vest top and makeshift kilt hat to protect himself from the bastard sun while we took our photos 🙂 The park was definitely a great experience, but we were baffled as to how the hicks managed to live here all year round…the place is drier than Ghandi’s flip flops.

We are currently on the road making the250+ mile trip to Arizona for our visit to the Grand Canyon :). Below are pics of our day out in Joshua and a short road trip video. As an extra treat for you lucky, lucky people i provide you with a morsel of my beautiful, haunting singing voice in the video. Don’t bother leaving messages about how you could hardly write for the goose bumps and how i should pick up my application form for the x-factor on the way back. The feast your eardrums will receive is reward enough 🙂 🙂

*Credit for Willeh McSchmok’s super sexy outfits goes to Mama Fernandez 🙂

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  1. Sabri………….que yo te quiero mas que a mi vida, pero hija mia,” NO CANTES ” LOL. Yo ya sabia que la saeta no es lo tuyo pues esto tampoco. lol
    lots of luv mum. lots of love to you too Natalix. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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