San Diego

After a short break in NYC, we made our way to San Diego for the start of the great California road trip :). The first thing to note is that it’s BLOODY hot here (those of you in rainy, cold climates are probably cursing us now for moaning about it). For some reason we didn’t think to bring any sunblock and as a result, after 2 days here Nats now looks like a strawberry vanilla ice-cream..LOL.

San Diego appears to be the capital of mindless fun (which suits us just fine), so off to the Zoo and Seaworld we went :). One of the highlights had to be our Penguin Encounter tour which allowed us to meet our new friend Happy Feet and go into the Penguin Enclosure (videos of us meeting our new Penguin buddy below 🙂 ). The best bits though were the Dolphin and Shamu shows. As you would expect, it was HEAVY on the cheese factor what with the constant “oh my gaaaawwwd” , “good jooob” and the pulling annoying brats out of the audience for mindless banter. But, the animals were incredibly cute so it more than made up for the cheesiness of it all and we ended up having a whole load of fun :).

We also made time for some very Yank traditions which included a visit to the San Diego Chargers (an American football team) stadium and a lunch stop at a local Diner next to a Studio Lot (where they apparently film a TV show called Veronica Mars) where we had some very yummy MeatLoaf.

Photos and videos of our exploits below.

Tomorrow we leave San Diego and drive up to Los Angeles where we’ll spend a day at Six Flags riding some of the biggest Rollercoasters in the world and take a stroll around the Hollywood Walk of Fame 🙂

San Diego Zoo

Sea World

San Diego Chargers

Studio Diner

Toronto – New York

What was supposed to be very boring drive back to New York ended up providing a whole load of unnecessary drama.As we were heading down the highway from Buffalo, we were pulled over by the State Police.We initially thought we would just get a fine and possibly a warning so imagine our surprise when the Officer actually told Nats, and i quote, “you’re going to jail today, you’re under arrest for speeding “(before both sets of parents freak out, we were only going about 10mph over the limit!)”. For a moment we thought (more like hoped) he might be joking despite the fact he looked like a miserable sod and had a face like a slapped arse.He was not. We were told to wait in the car where we proceeded to shit our pants, count the money we had on us for bail and prepare the opening statement for our inevitable stint on Judge Judy.By a stroke of absolute bullshit luck, he told us the judge wasn’t available to sign our arrest warrants :) gave us a citiation and told us to go on our merry way :)

Everyone planning a trip to America take note. If you’re a serial killer or ass rapist you will likely happily walk around the States until the end of time unnoticed by all law enforcement. If however, you decide to go over the ridiculous snail-paced speed limit by 10mph, you will be unceremoniously thrown in jail by a big meanie in an extraordinarily silly hat. For that we say a big MEH to the NY State Police!.

On a completely random note, on the road back from New Jersey we came across an exit leading to the town of ‘Buttzville’. Three questions spring to mind – a) Is the person who named it taking the piss? B) who on earth would invest in real estate there? And c) are we to refer to the unfortunate inhabitants as ‘Buttzvillers’? . Things to ponder.

Anyway, back to NY we go for a 4 day break before our flight to San Diego on Wednesday.

Toronto/Niagara Falls

After an extremely comfy plane ride from Heathrow to New York on a half empty plane, we finally arrived in the Big Apple. Even though we still weren’t over the jet-lag, we thought it would be a good idea (because we love a challenge and are a bit stupid sometimes 🙂 ) to embark the following morning on a 500mile drive up to Toronto. Getting out of NY in nightmare traffic was an interesting experience. We got lost in Brooklyn and ended up in Long Island even though we were looking for New Jersey. After driving for about 1hour we realised we were heading South instead of North and ended up having to turn around and head back to NY to get on the right highway. The drive was pretty boring for the most part….500miles of tree after tree pretty much sums it up. After 7hrs, a very questionnable hotdog at a roadside Cafe and an unfortunate encounter with the ugliest and rudest woman on earth at a toll road in Buffalo (understandable really considering she lives in Shitsville Buffalo and works in a toll booth), we finally made it past the Canadian Border into Ontario 🙂

For those of you wondering why i’m dressed up like a giant cockroach, it so happens that Nats has an abnormal fear of them so i thought it would be a good idea to buy a suit and terrorise her 🙂 She was not