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Toronto/Niagara Falls

After an extremely comfy plane ride from Heathrow to New York on a half empty plane, we finally arrived in the Big Apple. Even though we still weren’t over the jet-lag, we thought it would be a good idea (because we love a challenge and are a bit stupid sometimes 🙂 ) to embark the following morning on a 500mile drive up to Toronto. Getting out of NY in nightmare traffic was an interesting experience. We got lost in Brooklyn and ended up in Long Island even though we were looking for New Jersey. After driving for about 1hour we realised we were heading South instead of North and ended up having to turn around and head back to NY to get on the right highway. The drive was pretty boring for the most part….500miles of tree after tree pretty much sums it up. After 7hrs, a very questionnable hotdog at a roadside Cafe and an unfortunate encounter with the ugliest and rudest woman on earth at a toll road in Buffalo (understandable really considering she lives in Shitsville Buffalo and works in a toll booth), we finally made it past the Canadian Border into Ontario 🙂

For those of you wondering why i’m dressed up like a giant cockroach, it so happens that Nats has an abnormal fear of them so i thought it would be a good idea to buy a suit and terrorise her 🙂 She was not

3 thoughts on “Toronto/Niagara Falls

  1. Sab. Glad you’re having such a good time. Stop terrorising Nat with that suit. BITCH !!!!! Take care of each other, while you’re away. Give our love to Nat. Love and kisses from mum & dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey what a great idea, I shall be a regular visitor pretending I am there with you! Love that you are using tsame platform that we use for our work blog from the ship!!! Have a fab time xxxx

  3. Killa!!
    What an outfit cojone! I thought i seen it all when you had the sumo wrestler one! Nat is scared of cockroaches, con lo guarra que es i thought she was their friends!! Lol!! (Careful you are near the Hills have eyes territory!)
    Can’t read your last update i’m entriga que pasa cono!!
    Carry on updating the site girl!! and enjoy yourselves! Love to you both! Speak to you soon!

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