Cosmos here I come!

Figuratively speaking ofcourse! So I’ve decided! The decision I wish I’d known was the right one 7 years ago! This October I’ll be starting my course in Astronomy!

If only we had the power of hindsight in the present day we’d make all the best decisions! 🙂

It’s funny, I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people. You either hated school, or you kind of liked it, or you loved it, but most certainly you never appreciated it and realised just how great a time it was.

So much promise and potential for the years ahead, and an endless array of career choices. But then who makes the right decisions at that age? I’ve always thought its too much to expect someone so young to know what it is they really love.

But anywhoo, here I am 7 years later 🙂 Eager and willing to learn, and with astronomy being a great passion of mine, I decided why not give the Open University a go!!

My first module starts in October, I’ve mapped out the next 4/5 years and hopefully I’ll be able to do all the modules in that span of time! My first course S104 🙂 Exploring Science.

I’m so excited! Woohoo! Hopefully I can juggle work and study commitments, not to mention P90X! Fingers crossed! It’s expensive enough so I’ll have to bloody find a way to make it work!

I shall leave you with one of the best science YouTube vids I’ve seen in a while and one which is positively making me giddy about starting my new course! (Yes I’m a nerd)




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