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A week with Aurora Hunters?

W00p! I soooo excited! I’m going to spend a week with Aurora Hunters in Ivalo!

I just happen to be ever so slightly bonkers about the Aurora Borealis. Ok not slightly I’m totally obsessed. Having made 7 odd trips in the last 5 years I’m hooked! So any chance I get really I’m researching different Aurora Borealis destinations where I can take my next trip!

Sooo it’s just another day at the office, taking a little mental break, having a read on Facebook as one does! Slightly ashamed to admit from time to time I check out Space Weather to check out solar activity 🙂 (For those of you wondering what in jeebuses name I’m talking about, the Aurora Borealis is caused by solar storms so I’m often checking solar activity to anticipate Aurora Storms!)…

So anyway, I’m checking out spaceweather, when I see a featured photo on the front page, a beautiful Aurora Borealis shot taken by Aurora Hunters:

© Andy Keen from Aurora Hunters

So I’m thinking wow what a beautiful image, what’s all this about Aurora Hunters? So I check out their website, Like their Facebook page, get to commenting on some beautiful Aurora Borealis shots on the Facebook group and bam I end up speaking to Andy Keen the main man behind Aurora Hunters.

Not sure how it came along but I now have the opportunity to head up to Ivalo for a week in March to ‘hunt’ for the Aurora with these guys! Beyond excited! I’d get to help out with the tour groups and their photography gear!

Now…the problem….how to get the time off work…but surely I need to go to this right? Most people I guess won’t understand but for any Aurora Borealis lover you just have to find a way!

Hopefully some good news coming your way soon!

2 thoughts on “A week with Aurora Hunters?

  1. hi natalia, i am becoming 50 at the end of the month and would love to watch the northern lights with my girlfriend. i was checking out flights to kiruna and tromso, waht do you think is a better choice and what do you think about the probability to really see the lights in those places? so nice if you could help me with a recommendation! thank you, torsten

    1. Hi Torsten,

      Many thanks for visiting my blog =) And an early Happy Birthday to you for the end of the month! 🙂 I think it’s a fantastic idea to try and see the lights, can’t think of many better ways to celebrate. Tromso and Kiruna are both good places to see the Northern Lights, the only problem with both of those places is they they are relatively light poluted cities due to their considerable size. Although Kiruna is much smaller than Tromso, both have light pollution and this will interfere somewhat with your Aurora viewing. However, in terms of bases, they are both fantastic. You will need to either hire a tour guide, or rent a car and just drive outside the city a little until it’s dark and you are away from light pollution. My ideal destination is somewhere where I don’t need to travel anywhere to see the lights, so I fly into Ivalo, Kiruna or Tromso, and I find accomodation outside the city. Let me know if you have anymore questions =)

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