An Abisko welcome

So here we are in Abisko! A beautiful pristine lodge pretty much in the middle of nowhere 🙂 My kind of place! After a pretty uneventful arrival and rental car pickup we had a lovely drive from Kiruna airport to the Abisko Mountain Lodge. The weather wasn’t too promising on arrival, pretty much clouded over with little snippets of blue skies here and there. The lodge is lovely though! Relly warm welcome, coffee and tea and a warm fireplace in the lounge area. The first night was just about relaxing and getting settled in, little did I know we were in for a big surprise come dinner time. The food is absolutely out of this world! The chefs in this place must be professionally trained I had the best soup I’ve ever had, as well as a delicious vegetarian main and berry parfait. I’m in food heaven! Actually getting excited that dinner time is in a few hours!

Day two was a fantastic day! We started exploring the area, taking pictures, relishing the amazing vistas and fresh arctic air, even spotted some people walking along the lake a few kilometres down! So that’ll be on the itinerary for this week sometime 🙂 has to be done must be amazing standing on such a vast expanse of water…

After another gobsmackingly amazing dinner of mushroom soup and some sort of vegetarian cous cous / falafel main (I really haven’t done the meal justice there, tastes were amazing) it was time to start crossing our fingers for some auroras! We were getting snippets of clear skies, then larger patches of clear skies, and with some encouraging ACE solar data readings we were anticipating some minor activity around 10pm, with a little patience and a lot of checking readings back and forth, we were rewarded with a pretty decent, albeit short, aurora borealis display that began with a faint band of light from North to South across the sky, and then snapped back north slowly in a wonderful display complete with dancing and some magenta 🙂 Although short lived, it was exactly the type of activity I wanted to see again and I am so happy!!!

If were lucky enough to see any higher levels of activity, or a repeat of last night, then that would be fantastic. otherwise I already leave this place a very happy woman with some decent shots to boot 🙂

So on the agenda for this week, snowshoeing, more lurrrvely pics and some snowboarding lessons which should be pretty eventful and painful!

Weekend in London

En route to Kiruna!

Sooo after a nice short weekend in London it’s time to head over to Kiruna! Had a great time, got to see the Lion King Musical it was great, although truth be told Wicked was better, unfortunately I also believe Wicked to be one of the very top shows so poor Lion King didn’t quite match up in comparison, still highly recommended though! 

My wallet is a little worse for wear after a nice shopping spree in which I finally got myself a nice new pair of jeans and some luurrvely Sorel Joan of Arctic snow boots! Lovely play on words there 😀 they’re warm and stylish! Should keep my feeties nice and toasty in Abisko and Ivalo 🙂 I should probably also mention the unfortunate incident whereby I double booked a car hire pickup from heathrow, got into the one that hadn’t been prepaid for and ended up paying again. Oh! Get this! I also then forgot to cancel said return pickup on the double booking and enjoyed 2 cab company drivers having an argument over who’s client I was outside the Hilton hotel in London and found myself having to to lie to one of the drivers faces about the fact that the reservation existed under my name. I actually do feel very guilty about getting the poor guy up that early in the morning… I really should get my head checked…

Any how’s, currently sat in a SAS plane with a bunch of germ infested snot faces spluttering all over the place, orange juice and hand disinfectant at the ready! On a plus note 🙂 weathers good heading into Stockholm and flights not as long as I thought it’d be!

Can’t wait to get to Kiruna where our rental car awaits. Nothing quite like the open road with the fresh arctic air, snow laden valleys and no time schedule 🙂 Weather forecast is not looking good for the week in Abisko, which I am choosing not to get upset about. I remain optimistic that forecasters have totally screwed it up this week 😀 More soon…